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Why some executives have difficulty sleeping at night

On average, for most of the past four decades, only one in four to one in three initiatives - a major project, business-sponsored process initiative, or sourcing strategy/tactic - has achieved its business case objectives. Furthermore, the Standish Group has stated in their 2008 CHAOS Report that 44% of initiatives are challenged and a further 24% failed outright.

In this time of economic crisis and profound uncertainty, the impact of this probability on critical projects and processes can be business-life threatening.

The Elephant in the Room

Our only business is to independently help our clients to confront "the elephant in the room" and come out of this recession as fast as possible by achieving the success they want. We call this Enterprise Project Governance. We can help immunize your organization from project and process uncertainties by focusing on:

  • creating awareness
  • building capabilities
  • facilitating collaboration
  • driving execution

Who are our clients?

Our clients are usually Boards and/or Executive Teams who do not want to experience the same statistic as above. When an initiative is business-sponsored (may or may not be IT-enabled) these are the critical stakeholders and decision makers. They are best able to deal with the significant potential impact on an enterprise, division or department.

We are former C suite executives who understand the challenges and the pressures you are facing. Our ideas and approaches are based on practical experience, execution, creativity, innovation, leadership, research, thorough investigation. Tamworth Partners Inc. is known for knowledge and capability transfer.

We do not manage projects even though we have successfully managed projects with individual budgets in excess of $90 million.

Our passion is to facilitate, collaborate, mentor and coach our clients in order to provide certainty (through Enterprise Project Governance) to the successful implementation of business-sponsored initiatives. We want to help you to create a "bigger future" for you and your enterprise.

Why Now?

Individually, we cannot do anything about the current economic uncertainty. Together, we can make a difference. Now is the very best time to plan, design and execute initiatives that will preserve competitive or sustaining positions.

How we do it

Specialize in identifying, assessing and mitigating mission-critical initiative uncertainty.

Provide outcomes, objectivity, courage, independence, experience, wisdom and reusable assets.

Marshal the potential of service providers to minimize business uncertainty.


Mission-Critical Value

As you contemplate or execute mission-critical initiatives upon which your corporate success depends let us help your cross-functional team achieve success by applying our unique tools, processes and techniques.