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"TPI has been instrumental in helping the rebuilding activities of the IT team. The TPI consultant has been a part of the IT Senior Management IT team and specifically been responsible for bringing together the various strategic planning and financial control activities inside IT.

"TPI’s strategic approach to the IT organization has given substance to the many activities underway to improve the performance of IT. As an example they have championed the creation of an IT Project Office. This has been very successful and has been welcomed by the whole company as the corporate approach for project management.

"At all times TPI has proactively worked to improve the quality of IT services. They have been both a senior resource to me and my management team. Their experience, quietly confident manner has ensured their acceptance and success in any activity during their tenure here. TPI’s efforts have been greatly appreciated, will be missed."

chief information officer

"Tamworth Partners Inc. collaborated with senior management and Project Management Office to establish and execute the critical Risk Management service in respect of a significant customer information system procurement. In its conduct of the Risk Management role, Tamworth Partners Inc. raised awareness of project risks and identified corresponding mitigants in an insightful and well informed manner resulting in the resolution of uncertainties prior to maturation into issues. Tamworth Partners Inc. was an active, professional and most importantly – independent – participant in project governance and execution; it was a meaningful and measurable contribution to the project."

vice president, major utility

"As a senior executive with a limited IT background, I wanted independent expertise that could help me make critical decisions concerning a major IT project that had gone wrong. I asked TPI to assess the project and provide me with recommendations on what I needed to do to ensure the project got back on track and how to effectively govern the project to make sure a similar situation didn't reoccur. TPI did exactly what I had hoped. They worked effectively with both senior management and project team members to uncover issues and practical solutions. In the end they documented and reported their findings in what proved to be a very constructive exercise that was valued by all."

vice president, business operations

"Arriving fresh into a rapid change engineering environment, I needed help not only to put discipline and structure about how we implemented change, but also help to adapt the culture to value of a more controlled process. TPI provided the catalyst, the knowledge base and the approach to ensure success. In particular, Stephen Thompson quickly assessed the existing process, and the skills and perspectives of the people involved. Then he created a program that focused us on the right results for our business. Finally, recognizing the fast moving (and time starved) pace of business, he weaved the project into the time allowed - and kept us all engaged in making sure we implemented a sustainable long term solution."

vice-president and chief information officer

"TPI's contribution to the establishment of an e-Business project management office in our enterprise was critical. This was a difficult task and his broad experience and professionalism were integral to our success. The TPI consultant also was able to mentor and coach the team through their experience and leadership traits."

vice-president, e-business and strategy

"TPI's organizational insights and real-life experiences were personally invaluable to me as incoming IT executive. They combine intellectual content with practical realism in their approach to the challenges at hand. A wonderful colleague to work with."

vice-president, application development

"Over a three month period TPI has worked collaboratively within our division and cross functionally within the organization to deliver a practical methodology and functional framework to establish our e-Business office. The tools, policies and procedures that TPI developed enabled us to operationalize our e-Business office within a very short time frame. The consultant’s ability to coach and mentor staff further enhanced our ability to move from concept to delivery of our e-Business office function. TPI is a value added consulting firm that has an ability to conceive "big picture" concepts and develop practical detailed solutions to an organization."

director – strategic initiatives

"I wanted to once again say thanks for the guidance you provided myself, and the team, over the previous few months. Your experience and approach was a definite asset that will be difficult to replace."

"It has been a privilege working with TPI. Their depth of knowledge and insight into our organization has been beneficial to all. TPI has had a major impact on the way our organization functions. Their advice has been sought after by individuals at all levels of our organization."

"Tamworth Partners Inc.’s Stephen Thompson served as Director, Planning and Controls for the enterprise over the past fiscal year. In this capacity, in addition to his many other duties, he was responsible for the Information Technology’s Project Office. During Stephen’s tenure he governed over 100 projects with an annual budget value of well over $10,000,000.

"Stephen created and implemented an effective strategic focus. Before his arrival, the Project Office was floundering without a clear mandate and without guiding principles. Stephen provided the leadership needed.

"In short, before Stephen’s arrival, the Project Office was somewhat adrift, and was not living up to its' potential of adding value. I can attest with the greatest confidence that Stephen provided the destination and the course of direction for the Project Office. This has resulted in Information Technology greatly improving their ability to plan, manage and deliver projects."

interim director – project office

"Stephen, I do want to express my appreciation to the contribution you've made to the project. Specifically, the coaching you provided the Project Manager and the risk awareness and risk management you instilled throughout the project delivery cycle. Thanks again."

director – business systems delivery