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Program or Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (Program Management Office) is a common sight on the IT organization chart of most leading enterprises today. It is a key organizational entity who's focus is to increase delivery capabilities and reduce project uncertainty.

Regardless of popularity, many IT organizations are somewhat concerned that the value of a project office does not appear to be realized. Challenges often arise due to strategy, value recognition, leadership, processes, discipline, focus, staff longevity, career path, etc.

Tamworth Partners Inc. is available to help the CIO to breathe new life into the Project Office. Because all Project Offices are not the same, each must be evaluated in its unique context of the IT organization and the enterprise as a whole. The following is a representative sampling of packages of services which may be used depending on the current level of maturity of the Project Office.


Value Delivery



Define the Project Office

  • Understand the need
  • Develop the strategy
  • Create the business case


Implement the Project Office

  • Develop and implement procedures
  • Customize documentation
  • Define organization, staffing, roles and responsibilities


Transform the Project Office

  • Evaluate, measure success and revise strategy
  • Review, revise procedures, documentation, processes
  • Initiate continuous improvement of project management
  • Introduce/pilot Project Management as an IT competency
  • Enhance training and development of Project Managers


Value Base the Project Office

  • Implement sophisticated Project Risk Management strategies and tactics
  • Extend the Project Office to the enterprise level
  • Encourage Project Management Professional (PMP) designation
  • Implement best-of-breed portfolio management principles and processes
  • Implement Project Management Centre of Excellence or Competency Centre


Outsource the Project Office

  • Determine strategy, business case, realized tangible and intangible benefits for outsourcing all or part of the Project Office
  • Investigate alternatives through RFI/RFP. Select provider.
  • Re-organize to migrate selected Project Managers into the mainstream IT organization
  • Develop transition strategy and plan
  • Implement the plan