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Collaborate and Focus

This important phase brings together the core team to understand the executive agenda and expectations. It is very important that the team is able to articulate (using "business-speak") the overall functions, objectives, vision and mission of the business. This phase sets the ground rules for the balance of the engagement.


Sense and Assess

During the sense and assess phase, the team uses diagnostics to gain an appreciation of the current situation - including the financial issues and constraints. At this time, the team will gain an early perspective on the appropriate use of best practices.


Analyze and Interpret

The team, facilitated by the consultant, will review the metrics and the data collected through selective measurements. A number of workshops are used to analyze the data and information and, if appropriate to the engagement, identify a number of "quick wins" for further investigation and early implementation.


Innovate and Design

"Out of the Box" thinking and strategic creativity is key to the success of this phase and the engagement as a whole. The team will consider the investment economics, organization, roles, responsibilities as well as create a target process design to meeting the overall expectations of the project. High level business systems and architecture as well as a transformation strategy will be developed by the team.


Launch and Act

This is where the "rubber meets the road". The team will develop business cases for the high priority and key initiatives (as well as the supporting or requisite infrastructure). Using prototypes (if time and funding are available) and walkthroughs, the team will present their blueprint for success to the executive and business sponsors of the project. In addition, the final document will include a monitoring and change management strategy to ensure that the expected results are realized within an agreed upon timeframe.